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Pagan Liturgy
Calendar FAQ:
Answering questions about our ritual cycle.
Liturgy FAQ:
Answering questions about our rituals.
The Twelve Principles of Clarity:
A framework to guide us.
Prayer Beads:
A tool for meditation and devotional prayer.
Ancestor Fast:
Eating with the cycle of the year.
We hail thee, O gods,
Each in the way decreed
By the vast spans of time
And the vaster spans of the human spirit
That reflects your eternal light
As the moon reflects the sun,
As the waters drink our visage,
As the mirror shows us our souls.
May your blessings be upon us
All the days of our lives,
And may we live those lives in contemplation
Of the glory of your being.

  Pagan Monasticism
Order of the Horae FAQ:
Answering questions about monasticism.
The Rule of the Order of the Horae:
The Twelve Principles explained for monastics.
The Hours:
Explaining the Daily hours.
Horae Email Group:
Join our email list.
Pagan Monasticism Survey:
For the book "Barefoot on the Mother".

The Order of the Horae, keeping the liturgy of the Asphodel tradition.

The Book of Hours is a project of the Order of the Horae to create a body of liturgy honoring and celebrating deities and principles from the lore of many different ancient cultures. This online Book of Hours contains two short rituals per day for a full calendar year. This site can be used by any Pagan who needs a quick ritual for a given day or deity. For more information on how and why we made our choices about the material on this site, or further explanations of the structure, please check the Book Of Hours FAQ.

The Order of the Horae is building and exploring monasticism within a Neo-Pagan religious framework. We are an eclectic contemplative order open to pagans of any gender and tradition who hold to the 12 Principles of Clarity and observe the Hours in accordance with our tradition. Our eventual goal is to found monastic houses in New England where pagans drawn to a life focused on spirituality, simplicity and service can live together and follow the cycles of the day, month and year with ritual and meaningful work.

We are not great spiritual leaders or all-wise gurus with the keys to enlightenment. We are merely folks who are drawn to the simple, devotional lives of monks, nuns or hermits, but have no framework for this within the pagan faiths. Together, we hope to build that framework. Each of us is working along our own unique spiritual paths to the point where we can not only live this fully, but guide others in it as well. Currently, we are developing the framework, understanding the daily routine, writing liturgy, and gathering interested people. We will be hosting a series of three to five day spiritual retreats where we will follow a routine of spiritual mindfulness and ritual within this framework.

The Order of the Horae is part of the Asphodel tradition, a New England based eclectic pagan faith.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at cauldronfarm@hotmail.com. Fore more information on associated organizations, you may check the website of Cauldron Farm, or the website of The First Kingdom Church of Asphodel.

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