Calendar of the Sun
27 Haymonath

Anansi's Day

Color: Black
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a cloth patterned in an African print, place the figure of a large black spider, sitting on a web of string. All should stand around the altar and hold the string, so that they are all connected to the web.
Offering: African fruits.
Daily meal: Millet. Banana. African fruit.

Invocation to Anansi

Sacred Trickster of the Jungle,
Giver of the Unexpected,
Winner of the Sky God's Stories
And spinner of your own,
We hail you on this your day!
Spider on your dropping thread,
Tiny one with the great web
That takes in all of us,
Bless us with your agility!
You wrapped the serpent
In his own coils.
You trapped the leopard
In the pit of his fears.
You caught the hornets
In the gourd of illusion.
You snared the wood-spirit
In the tar of her own anger.
You seduce the good wife
With the fruit of her secret discomfort,
And seduce the husband
With the fruit of his own suspicions.
You teach all of us that it is not so wise
To always take oneself so seriously.
Teach us to laugh at ourselves,
Sacred Trickster of the Jungle,
Lest we freeze into dour, ancient stones.

(All cry "Hail Anansi!" and spend the next hour telling tall tales.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]