Calendar of the Sun
22 Eostremonath

Day of Aradia

Colors: White and silver
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a cloth of white and silver place many silver paper stars and a silver paper moon, a glass bowl of water with a silver metal star immersed in it, two white candles, and a spray of white blossom.
Offerings: Silver paper stars with wishes written on them. Give unselfishly of yourself to someone.
Daily Meal: Light, cold food.

Invocation to Aradia

Daughter of Diana the Mother of All,
Daughter of Lucifer the Bright,
Child of Light who glows with the power
Of all the stars in the sky,
Promised one who aids those
Of your mother's children
Who cry out in great need,
Hear us, Aradia, daughter of the sky,
Whose song is borne on the west winds
And whose touch is the twinkle of a star
As it glimmers at midnight,
Time of the witching hour.
We call upon you, child who was promised
To us as our savior and helpmate,
To remember us in our time of need
And to give us aid in times of hardship.
Your merciful hands extend over us
Like a shower of midnight stars.

Moon, moon, shining bright,
Midnight on the water,
Oh, Aradia,
Diana's silver daughter.
Hope, hope, shining bright,
Bring us through the dark night,
Oh, Aradia,
Child of moon and starlight.
(All place their stars upon the altar and then douse the candles.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]