Calendar of the Sun
19 Yulmonath

Asgard Day

Colors: Blue and Gold
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of blue place a great horn of mead, a sword, a spear, a spindle, a book, the figure of a sun, a horse, a single blue candle, and a bowl of apples.
Offerings: Mead and apples.
Daily Meal: Mead and apples in some form.

Asgard Invocation

Hail to the Realm of the Aesir,
High at the summit of the World Tree!
Hail to the Land of Light,
The Realm of Ascension, the birds' delight!
Hail to the many-colored arch of Bifrost,
The golden roof of Gladsheim,
The silver tower of Valaskjalf,
The legions of Valhalla, timbered in spears
And roofed in shields, the grace of Vingolf,
The skilled hands of Fensalir, the river of words
That is Sokkvabek, the great brick house of
Thor's Bilskirnir, the graceful gardens of
Sessrumnir in the heart of Folkvang,
The white arch of Noatun's sea-winds,
The deer-run yew-groves of Ydalir,
The green meadows of Landvidi,
The stern pillars of Glitnir, the foreboding
Of empty Brimir and the sadness of Breidablik,
The Island of Counsel at Rathsey's Sound,
Bright Himinbjorg at the top of the rainbow,
The deep mysteries of Urdabrunnr.
Hail to the Realm of the Gods of the Sky,
To whom we lift our arms, to whom we call
With upraised voices on the winds!

(All shout "Hail Asgard!" The mead is poured out as a libation, and the apples are laid out to the sky. Then more mead is broken out, and more food, for today should be a feast in honor of the Aesir. For this day, there is no limit on drinking, so long as it does not interfere with anyone's personal vows and no damage is done.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]