Calendar of the Moon
7 Ruis/Poseideion

Cerridwen's Day

Colors: White and black
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a black cloth place four white candles, an iron cauldron filled with herbal tea which will be passed around and served afterwards, and the figure of a white sow.
Offerings: Give aid to disabled children.
Daily Meal: Soups from a cauldron, of which one should contain pork.

Invocation to Cerridwen

Hail, White Sow Mother,
Keeper of the Sacred Cauldron,
Cauldron that brews wisdom,
Cauldron that brews magic,
Cauldron that brews inspiration.
Hail, Shapeshifting Crone,
Keeper of the Mysteries,
Fox and otter and hen,
You have worn many skins,
Many legs, many faces.
You know that truth is an ever-changing mirror
And that one piece is not the same as another.
May we learn the dance of perspective,
Learning to be in each other's skins
And thus never be completely tied
To our own rigid views of the world.
You work tirelessly for your children
Who are born less than blessed.
Like you, may we understand imperfection
And like you, may we have compassion
For those who are forced to bear it.
Hail, Sow Mother, lady of the Prophetic Pig,
Whose snout points out the way
To the future of fallen sticks,
To the Cauldron of Transformation.
Cerridwen, White Lady, transform us!

Chant: Sow Mother, Cerridwen,
Old Mother, Let us in,
Fur and feather and scale and skin,
Old Mother, Let us in.

[Pagan Book of Hours]