Calendar of the Moon
19 Ruis/Poseideion

Day of Dark Magic I: Sorrow

Color: Grey
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a grey cloth lay four black candles, incense, a chalice of salt water, pens with no ink, and many tablets of unfired clay.
Offering: Help salve the sorrow of someone bereaved.
Daily Meal: Fasting tonight, until the morning.

Dark Magic Invocation I

When world and fate conspire to mark
Your life with lines and characters dark,
Mold a tablet of earth or clay,
Write on it all you would cast away,
All you regret, all that you bear,
All that afflicts you, all that you fear,
Break it and bury it in the ground,
Saying this charm as you grind it down:

Call: Sorrow be dust and dust dissolve,
Let all my grief go into this grave.
Response: Sorrow be dust and dust dissolve,
May all my grief go into this grave.

(Each comes forward and takes a tablet, and then kneels on the ground to write on it. A procession is made to the graveyard, where a hole is dug and they are solemnly buried. Silence for the rest of the evening.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]