Calendar of the Moon
15 Muin/Boedromion

Greater Mysteries Day 1: Agormos: The Gathering

Colors: Gold and black
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of black and gold set a single white candle to burn, with incense of myrrh. Before the altar lay the Kistai, the round box of holy objects, bound with a purple ribbon, which has been brought up from the catacomb where it has lain in a great procession.
Offerings: Oneself, as an initiate.
Daily Meal: Fasting until Mesembria of the next day.

Mysteries Invocation I: Agormos Invocation

Call: Why do you come here on this day?
Response: We gather to descend into Darkness!
Call: Why do you seek to enter Darkness?
Response: We have grown weary of our fears!
Call: What will lift your fears from your soul?
Response: Facing the Mystery!
Call: Would you have no fear of Death?
Response: We would have no fear of Death!
Call: Will you walk willingly into the darkness?
Response: We will walk willingly into the darkness!
Call: Have you all lived well and justly?
Response: We are living well and justly!
Call: Is there blood-guilt on your soul?
Response: There is no blood-guilt on our souls.
Call: Then we shall prepare for the descent!
Response: We shall prepare for the doorway down.
Call: We shall cleanse and purify ourselves.
Response: We shall open ourselves to Seeing.
Call: Hail to the Two Goddesses!
Response: Hail to the Mother and Daughter!

(There will be no work today during the work-hours, save what must absolutely be done. Instead, each member of the House will be instructed by the one responsible for their spiritual development in the House to do some sort of exercise, prayer, or something else that is challenging for them. They will do this until Hesperis. The Kistai will stay on the altar, and the Hesperis ritual will take up only half the altar.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]