Calendar of the Sun
29 Weodmonath

Hathor's Birthday

Colors: Rose and white
Element: Water
Altar: Upon cloth of rose and white set six white candles, incense of flowers, a chalice of fresh cow's milk, white barley cakes, and a pair of cow's horns surrounded by many flowers.
Offering: Flowers.
Daily Meal: Barley cakes and bread, and any dairy products.

Invocation to Hathor

Horned Goddess,
Cow-eyed lady,
You who appreciate your comforts,
You whose music spreads love
And harmony,
Nourish us with the understanding
That there can never be too much love
That it is an inexhaustible supply
That there will always be more where it came from.
Gracious goddess of the flowering fields,
Lady whose love thrives like green pasture,
You keep your home at the last outpost of Life,
On the road to the Underworld,
Where you give the traveling Dead their last meal,
And their last touch of Love.
Cow-eyed goddess,
Horned Lady,
Give forth your wisdom
Like mother's milk
And we will be grateful for it.

(Each should approach the altar and give a flower to Hathor, and in return they receive a sip of milk and her blessing. The chalice is offered by the last one to drink. The remainder is poured out as a libation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]