Calendar of the Moon
27 Ngetal/Maimakterion

Hecate's Day

Color: Black
Elements: Earth and Water
Altar: Upon a black cloth set three black candles, a bowl filled with polished stones and water, a silver crescent waning moon, the figure of a white hound, and a wooden X for crossroads.
Offering: Uncover something in yourself that is hidden.
Daily Meal: Mushrooms. Mineral water from a well. Root vegetables.

Invocation to Hecate

Dark Moon
Hidden Moon
Old Moon
Shining on the crossroads of our souls.
Darkness hides nothing
But our fears
But your mysteries
But the hounds who wait
To leap upon us.
Underground stream
Underworld river
Keeper of deep places
Keeper of magic
Lead us trembling
Into our own darkness
To be midwifed out again.
You offer us retreat from the rigors of the day
To find the challenge of the depths.
Wild old witch of the waning moon,
Lady of the dark caves that wait
In unending damp echoes
Like the hollow rooms of our minds,
You know the wisdom of the secret places
And we dare not pretend that your kingdom
Does not lie beneath all that we have built.

Chant: Hecate Cave Within
Old Mother let us in
Hecate Cave Within
Guide us through the dark

[Pagan Book of Hours]