Calendar of the Sun
13 Gort/Puanepsion

Thesmophoria Day III: Kallingeneia

Color: Many light colors.
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon multicolored cloth place the figures and pictures of children, self and others, known and unknown.
Offerings: Give a gift to a child.
Daily Meal: Vegan and light.

Kallingeneia Invocation

After the mourning, hope!
Hope leaps forth like the springtime,
When Persephone rises from the underworld.
It comes forth in the bodies of the future,
In the hearts and souls of the future.
Gaze upon the future, and take hope.
Are we so hardened by dust,
So driven by pain, so beaten down
By the wake of the grinding world
That we cannot look upon the future with hope?
No, we are not so lost as that. Look forth!
Look upon hope and be glad.
Be joyous of heart, for all is never lost.
We may lose and lose, and still have hope,
Until the waters close over our heads,
And even then we shall be born again
And become our own descendants.
So praise the dawn, praise the new day,
Praise the flowers opening once more
Heedless of your pain and your tears,
Praise the grain that leaps from the soil,
Heedless of the hail yet to come,
Praise the tree that reaches for the light
Even though the night will surely come again,
For it knows that dawn will come again.w
We who were near death with our mourning,
We will not be walking dead!
We will laugh, and see the future, and take joy.

Song: We the Dead

[Pagan Book of Hours]