Calendar of the Sun
8 Halegmonath


Color: Golden
Elements: Fire and Water
Altar: Upon a golden cloth set four yellow candles, goblets, a jug of home-brewed mead, a bee skep, the figure of a honeybee, and a small jar of honey.
Offerings: Mead libations.
Daily Meal: Food sweetened with honey. Mead.

Mead-Day Invocation

Hail to the Queen Bee who gathers the workers!
Hail to the workers who gather the nectar!
Hail to the hundreds who make the honey!
Hail to the brave who gather the sweetness!
Hail to the brewers who create the liquor
That the Aesir stole from the duergar
That the gods all covet
That is the finest sacrifice of any fluid.
Nectar brewed of the meadow's flowers,
From the orchard's blossoms,
From the sexual fluids of a thousand plant-souls.
Hail to the Queen Bee and all her progeny,
Forgive us our theft of your hard labor,
And may you multiply in plenty
In a world that blossoms with richness every spring.

More than even a rich man can hold,
We drink the sunrise, we drink the meadow's gold.

(Mead is poured into the goblets, and everyone takes a sip. Then some is poured into the libation well for the Gods, and the rest is taken out to the garden or the orchard. Libations are poured for the trees of the orchard, the garden, and especially the beehives.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]