Calendar of the Sun
30 Thrimilchimonath

Meinherjar: Feast of Valhalla

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a red cloth lay many weapons, a horn of mead, and four red candles.
Offering: Tend the graves of the honored dead.
Daily Meal: Beef.

Meinherjar Invocation

Hail to the fallen dead!
Hail to the brave ones
Who fought to the end,
Whether the enemy was disease
Or failure of the body
Or weariness of soul
Or the hate of another.
Hail to those who fell
Guarding the helpless and weak!
Hail to those who fell
Defending the land of their ancestors!
Hail to those who fell
Righting great wrongs!
Hail to those who fell
Succumbing to the powers
Of the creeping deaths
And their dark cousins.
Show us the truth, legions of Valhalla!
The only straw death,
The only dishonorable death,
Is one where Death is met
Not as an honorable opponent
Or a welcome bridegroom
But as a fearsome master
To be groveled before.
Give us your courage, legions of Valhalla!

(The horn of mead is passed around, and each names a member of the fallen dead that they particularly respect. The rest is poured out as a libation to the dead. Each steps forward, takes a weapon from the altar, and bears it from the room in honor.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]