Calendar of the Moon
11 Ngetal/Maimakterion

Day of the Morrigan

Colors: Black, red, white
Element: Air
Altar: Upon an altar decked in black, red, and white, place the figure of a raven, a spear hung with red ribbons, a black candle, a pen and parchment, and sterile needles.
Offering: Blood
Daily Meal: Poultry.

Invocation to the Morrigan

Hail to the Raven Goddess!
Hail to the harbinger of Death!
Under your black wings
We turn to face our fears.
Hail to the Lady of Battlefields!
Hail to the harbinger of War!
Under your red wings
We learn of honorable conflict.
Hail to the Lady of the Winds!
Hail to the harbinger of Rebirth!
Under your white wings
We find the path through Chaos.
Seven years of famine,
Seven years of feast,
Ranging over all the land
Good and ill luck in your hand
Challenge me, O Morrigan
Test us like the warriors
We hope to be, we need to be,
Do not be gentle with us
Else your servants drink our blood
From our fallen forms
On your red-soaked field.

Song: O Morrigan

(Each shall come forth and prick their finger with the needles, or have it pricked by another, and touch their blood to the parchment, and write thereon a Word of Power that is their offering to the Morrigan, along with their blood. Afterwards, the parchment shall be straightaway burned.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]