Calendar of the Sun
7 Weodmonath

Neith's Day: Breaking Of The Nile

Colors: Blue and green
Elements: Water and earth
Altar: Upon cloth of earth-green and river-blue place an animal skin with two crossed arrows and a bow upon it, burning frankincense, a weaver's shuttle, and a bowl of wet earth.
Offering: Work in the earth, or make things.
Daily Meal: Fresh vegetables and greens. Meat is also acceptable.

Invocation to Neith

Hail Neith, Lady of the Arrow!
Huntress of the desert, your sight
Is keen and your aim fine,
And on this day the Nile's rise
Breaks with your first shot,
And begins its fall to the shore.
Your Word turns the waters
And reveals the fertile black earth.
Hail Neith, Lady of the Loom!
You weave the tapestry of Life,
Crafting joy with your skilled hands.
Sister of Selket, Guide of the Dead,
All warriors are your province,
You take the ones fallen bravely in battle
As well as those who fought reluctantly.
No warrior is judged by his skill,
Only by his circumstance,
In the light of your generous eyes.
Hail, huntress and weaver,
Lady skilled in both inner and outer worlds,
Who sees no contradictions therein.
Push back the oncoming waters
And lay bare the rich black earth,
The boundary between the elements,
Where your footsteps leave a trail
That only a hunter could follow.

Chant: Arrow flies, water falls,
Horizon turns and sunset calls.

[Pagan Book of Hours]