Calendar of the Sun
26 Solmonath

Nuit's Day

Colors: Black and silver
Element: Air
Altar: Set on a black cloth with silver stars eight lit white candles, a chalice of white liqueur, and a silver star of eight points.
Offerings: Paper stars with your hopes written upon them.
Daily Meal: Star-shaped cakes and breads, vegetables cut into star shapes, white soups.

Invocation to Nuit

O Nuit
Lady of the overarching sky
Lady whose mantle of peace enfolds us each night
Lady whose hope defeated the fears of kings
Lady whose love found a way where none had been
Lady whose patience found a path across separation
Lady whose faith inspired five days of new light
Lady whose children changed the world
Lady whose sparkling jewels show us without fail
There is light in darkness
There is hope in sorrow
There is a reason
and a way.

Star of Hope
Star of Hope
Guide us through the night

(On this day, offerings are mandatory; all go forth and place their hopes upon the altar. The liqueur is poured out as a libation; none shall set their lips to it, lest hope be sucked away.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]