Calendar of the Sun
13 Hrethemonath

Day of Oath to the Earth

Color: Green
Element: Earth
Altar: On a green cloth lay branches, flowers, stones, twigs, figures of animals and birds, a special pot of good soil, and a small globe.
Offerings: Clean up or protect a natural environment.
Daily Meal: Vegan.

(Each person present stands forth and takes this oath to the Earth:)

By seeds of all beginnings, I make this oath.
By roots of all depths, I swear to protect the purity of your soil.
By stem and trunk that reaches for the sky, I swear to respect your cycle of growth.
By bud that grows, I swear to respect all those who live in that cycle.
By leaf that catches the rain, I swear to protect the air we breathe.
By flower that opens to the dawn, I swear to always see your beauty.
By fruit that gives forth sweetness, I swear to remember where my nourishment comes from.
By seed within the fruit that grows the tree anew,
I swear to try again and again to fulfill this oath,
As many times as the Gods shall decree.
By life and death, by Lord and Lady, by hand and eye, by heart and spirit,
This I do swear here before the Fates
And mark my soul forever with this promise.
As all green things grow, so shall you live and survive,
And your memory be carried forever beneath the feet
Of a thousand generations to come.

The Earth is our mother,
We must take care of her,
The Earth is our mother,
We must take care of her.
Hey and a ho and a ho la la
Hey and a ho and a ho la la

(After each person has taken the oath, all place their hands over the pot of soil and concentrate on charging it. Let it remain before the altar until Hesperis the following day, at which time it shall be planted with seeds of a rare and special healing herb, to be kept in the house and cared for and cherished.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]