Calendar of the Moon
4 Coll/Metageitnion

Panathenaea Day 2: Races

Colors: White and blue
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of white and blue set a great statue of Athena, a spear, a pen, a spindle, a shield with a Gorgon's head, and a brazier with charcoal that must never be allowed to go out until the Panathenaea is done.
Offerings: Athletic competitions.
Daily Meal: Greek food, including beef, olives, and wine.

(In the morning of this day, no matter what the ritual of Sponde, a good deal of heavy athletics are done during the hour of Gymnastika. Those who do not have much strength should still do what they can, and none will be faulted for doing their best. Later in the day, during the hours of Akte and Elete, if possible local folk from the community should be brought in for an athletic competition in Athena's honor. These folk will be fed after Hesperis by the House. After the competition, all process to the sanctuary where the winners are crowned and Athena invoked.)

Athena Invocation:

I begin my song of Pallas Athena,
Illustrious goddess with sharp grey eyes.
Crafty one, She, with a heart relentless,
Modest Virgin, Protectress of the city!
The valiant Tritogeneia was roused by Zeus the wise
From his own awesome brow, the tools of battle on her arm,
Glittering and gold: All the immortals were stunned.
Without delay she leapt from the ever-living skull
To come before Zeus, master of the aegis,
And the sharp javelin rattled in her hand.
Mighty Olympos was sent madly spinning
By the potency of her, of the Grey-eyed one.
From every direction the earth let loose a chilling scream.
Waves, deep and dark, stirred up in the seething ocean,
And all at once spray jetted from the sea.
The shining son of Hyperion brought his swift steeds to rest, waiting long,
Until the Maiden divested her incorruptible shoulders of the godlike armor...
She, Pallas Athena! Wise Zeus laughed!
That is why I say it too: Hail to you,
Daughter of aegis-wielding Zeus!
While now I sing a different song,
I always remember you!

[Pagan Book of Hours]