Calendar of the Moon
14 Ngetal/Maimakterion


Color: Purple
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a purple cloth light four purple candles and upon it are placed a sword, the figure of a serpent, and a winnowing fan filled with grain. A sheepskin is ceremoniously paraded in, and laid in front of the altar.
Offerings: Grain.
Daily Meal: Sheep or lamb.

Pompaia Invocation

Hail to thee, Zeus Meilikhios!
Hail, Kindly Face of the Lightning-Wielder!
Hail, you who are the protector of children!
May we all be as innocent children in your sight,
And worthy of such protection!
Hail to thee, Storm Maker!
May all the storms be driven forth
Far away from our community and home.
May you stay the lightning strike!
May you stay the thunder's roar!
May you stay the flood's destruction!
May we never need to stare
Into the heart of the hurricane!
Instead, let your heart be as a gentle lamb
That gives mercy to our troubles lives.
May our shame be cast from us!
May our troubles be washed away
Before the blessed wielder of the storm!
Come forth and be purified of all hurts,
Come forth and touch the heart of Zeus.

(All should come forward one at a time and place their left foot on the sheepskin, while grain is sprinkled over their head from the winnowing fan. The sprinkler says, "Mighty Zeus bless you". Then the grain is poured out on the ground outside for a libation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]