Calendar of the Moon
7 Gort/Puanepsion

Puanepsia: Day of Apollo, Helios, and the Horae

Colors: Golden and Red
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon cloth in colors of the Sun place a wand wreathed in laurel leaves, baskets of fruit, pastries in the shape of lyres, a basket of fig cakes, a jar of honey, a jar of olive oil, a bowl of boiled beans, seeds, and grains, and a chalice of wine.
Offerings: The food above.
Daily Meal: The food above.

Puanepsia Invocation

(Those who still have two living parents come forth to be the Eiresione, and they bring the bowls and baskets around to each one present as the liturgy is spoken.)

Hail to Apollo, who blesses our fields with the light of the Sun!
Hail, Shining Golden One, whose wand of laurel
Is lifted over us in victory! Your lyre sounds sweetly
Over the white clouds; we eat of your music.
Golden as honey, you pour your wisdom
Down on our ears. Hail Apollo!

(All shout "Hail Apollo!")

Hail to Helios, whose face is borne
On the face of Apollo's chariot!
The Sun incarnate, you touch the fruits of our gardens
And make them plump and sweet. The figs ripen
At your fingertips, that we may give cakes in your honor.
The olives likewise ripen for our oil. Hail Helios!

(All shout, "Hail Helios!")

Hail to the Horae, attending on Apollo,
Garlanded maidens whom we know and love,
All things ripen in their own time, you say,
Like the beans, the peas, the grains of the field
That feed us on this day. Hail to the Horae,
May you rule us long and well.

(All shout, "Hail to the Horae!" The wine is poured out as a libation. The laurel branch is fastened over the doorway for the next lunar month.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]