Calendar of the Sun
25 Thrimilchimonath

Sara-Kali's Day

Colors: Black and red
Element: Water
Altar: Upon cloth of black and red set a picture of a dark-skinned madonna, a chalice of wine, and many ivory candles.
Offerings: Give faithful service to another greater person or cause.
Daily Meal: Middle Eastern food.

Invocation to Sara-Kali

The wandering people swept across the continent
Like leaves blown before a great wind,
And brought you with them,
Dark Madonna, maiden goddess,
Who is an echo of the great Dark Mother.
Your face changed, and your nature,
Yet never did they forget you.
Your story retold you as servant to the Lady,
Following in her footsteps wherever she went,
Worshipped in grottoes and crossroads
Lit by a thousand candles.
Changed one, goddess of a wandering people,
You teach us that although divine nature
May change and bend, devotion is stronger.
Dark servant of the Lady,
You now embody all that serves faithfully
As you serve the Lady your mistress
As you serve your outcast people.
Teach us that darkness can serve us as well,
That we need not always seek the light
When what we look for has deep roots
Lost in the mist of time
And buried in the cradling darkness.
Sara-Kali, St. Sarah the Black,
We hail your journey across a thousand years.

Sara-Kali Sara-Kali
Devlesa Avilan

(Each comes forward to the altar, bows before it, and extinguishes one candle as they leave.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]