Calendar of the Sun
6 Lithemonath

Day of the South Wind

Colors: White and pink
Element: Air
Altar: On cloth of shades between white and pink, place four white and pink candles, a vase of flags and banners in the colors of dawn, a bell with a clear tone, a knife, a glass of white wine, and incense of cedar and bay.
Offerings: Blowing curls of paper into the wind. Ringing bells or wind chimes. Study and learning, especially of a field of knowledge that excites you.
Daily Meal: Raw cold food.

Invocation to the South Wind

Breathe in!
Breathe in the Wind of the South.
Hot and burning,
Summer's messenger on fiery wings,
Rush of noonday heat,
Dance of the warrior
And the people's joy,
Wind that blows our scant clothing,
Wind that lifts our spirits,
And our feet,
Leaping wind that carries us
To new heights of joy,
Wild wind of summertime that lifts the scent
Of blooming flowers in the green fields,
Dance with us!
Breathe in
And rejuvenate your spirit.

Auster Auster Breath of the South
Feed our will

Song: Wind's Four Quarters

(Wind chimes and bells are rung. Wine is poured as a libation. All process outside and release messages on small curls of paper into the south wind.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]