Calendar of the Sun
24 Winterfyllith

Feast of the Spirits of the Air

Colors: White, light blue, lavender, pale yellow, grey
Element: Air
Altar: This rite is to be done outdoors, and the altar consist of many flags, banners, ribbons, and windchimes on poles.
Offerings: Grain or papers thrown to the winds.
Daily Meal: Cold, light food.

Invocation to the Spirits of the Air

Hail to the Spirits of the Winds!
Hail to the Powers of the East,
The Morning and the Spring Equinox,
The cool breeze that awakens!
Hail to the bird that rides the skies,
Hail to the bat that swoops in the night,
Hail to the fragile butterfly on the flower,
Hail to the bee that sings her song,
Viewing the world from high above our heads!
Hail to the Power of Mind that we focus,
Hail to the Wings of Memory that we write,
Hail to the Beak of Thought that uses it.
Hail to the breath in our bodies,
Every one reminding us that we still live.
Hail to the gentle breath that moves the pollen
From green stem to green stem, bringing the fruit,
Hail to the strong wind that tosses the windmill's arms,
Driving the clouds across the sky,
Hail to the tornado that writhes in the air,
Causing awe and terror in our hearts!
Hail to the Power of Words that we speak,
Of communication, of transmission of ideas,
Without which we would all be fumbling in silence.

(All then toss into the air whatever offerings they have for the spirits. Words written on small pieces of paper are most common, and can be wishes or blessings as well. Divination via the winds is then done, either with slips of paper or with arrows or from watching the omens of the flights of birds.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]