Calendar of the Moon
9 Duir/Skirophorion

Summer Waxing Moon

Color: White
Element: Water
Altar: Upon a white cloth light a single white candle, and place also a silver chalice of water, a white chalice of milk, a plate of half-moon pies dusted with white sugar, oil of eucalyptus, the figure of a pregnant woman, and many white blossoms.
Offerings: Gaze at the Moon and offer your love.
Daily Meal: White food. Milk and dairy products.

Summer Waxing Moon Invocation

Call: By silver moon that lights the sky!
Response: By the Lady who sails the clouds!
Call: By the power of Increase!
Response: By the summer of growth!
Call: By all life that burgeons forth!
Response: By the buds that are now blossoms!
Call: The slender maiden of the new moon swells wide!
Response: She has lain together with the Sun!
Call: She is great with child!
Response: She is great with possibilities!
Call: Her belly is like a sail full of the winds!
Response: Her belly is like a ripening fruit!
Call: All things grow with the proof of her love!
Response: May we, like all things, increase!
Call: This is the moment of indrawn breath....
Response: And may we never cease to grow.
Call: By the power of the waxing moon, we call you!
Response: We call you into our lives!
Call: May you shine bright within us!
Response: May we never forget your light!

Chant: Argentum Luniferum Nunc Huc Ades

(One who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual carries around the milk and cookies, and all eat and drink of them. As each does so, they should speak of something that waxes in their life, and of their hopes for it. The water is poured out as a libation, and the last cookie is set outside in view of the moon as an offering. The candle is extinguished and the rite is over.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]