Calendar of the Sun
25 Lithemonath

Day of Thoth

Colors: Blue and white
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a cloth of blue and white set a large blue candle, a brass bowl of frankincense, a figure of Thoth, and many papyrus scrolls, some blank and some with writings on them from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and colored pens and ink.
Offerings: Bring a quote from the Book of the Dead. Write something, on your own time.
Daily Meal: Barley. Poultry. Beer.

Invocation to Thoth

Hail, God of the Papyrus!
Lord of Words
Lord of Symbols
Scholar and lawyer
Inventor and scientist
Player of the sacred flute
Master of the Papyrus
Speaker of the sacred Nun,
The word that invokes the Universe,
You who understand the value of an education
Let us remember the day when
We opened a book
And touched the understanding
Of another soul across time.
Teach us that to write
Can be to fly through that veil of time
To a future we will not live to see
And a past that will never be again.
Healer of both Horus and Set,
Teach us that help need not be personal
But can be offered to friend and enemy alike.
Tell us that the Moon is not inconstant
But waxes and wanes each month
Exactly on time.

Chant: Nun (repeat Thoth's sacred word over and over, in multiplying harmonies)

(Each comes forward and takes a scroll from the altar. If it bears words of wisdom, they should take it to heart. If it is blank, they should write their quote upon it and return it to the pile.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]