Calendar of the Sun
7 Blutmonath

Tiamat's Day

Color: Sea green
Element: Water
Altar: On a sea green cloth place a large chalice of salt water, strings of pearls and beads in a spiral pattern like a whirlpool, and figures of dragons and sea serpents.
Offerings: Pour water on yourself. Allow yourself to experience conflicting and turbulent emotions that you would otherwise avoid.
Daily Meal`: Fish. Seafood. Seaweed. Soft food with sauce whirled in a whirlpool pattern.

Invocation to Tiamat

Mother of Dragons
Mother of Serpents
Sea of Aether that swirls
Deep within our minds
From the waters we came
From the waters we are born
To the waters we shall return
For our rebirths.
You whose body is the world
Who is all around us
Sacrificed in order to become
Mother of Dragons
Mother of Serpents
Lead us onward through the tides
Of our uncertain lives.

Chant: Aiyu Tiamat Tiamat Tiamat
Your body all around

(Each person stands forth and speaks of themselves as an emotion, saying, "I am happiness" or I am sorrow". Then one person who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual takes a sword and walks around the circle, miming slaying each person, who falls to the ground, saying, "Die, and become one with the earth.". All lay on their backs with hands joined, heads facing inward, and each visualizes themself as part of the earth, and they speak out what part of the earth they and their emotion have become - "I who was joy am now rivers!" "I who was anger am now desert." "I who was wonder am now mountain ranges!" and so on. End in a choral OM.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]