Calendar of the Sun
23 Eostremonath

Walpurgisnacht Day I

Color: Brown
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a brown cloth light a single white candle, an empty horn, dust, and the rune Raido.
Offering: Make a commitment to seek something.
Daily Meal: Simple, like a road meal.

Walpurgisnacht Invocation I

Long, long ago, Odhinn the All-Father,
The Lord of Asgard and Keeper of Valhalla,
Stepped down from his great throne
Came down from his heavenly place,
Stripped off his divine raiment,
Laid down his sword and weapons,
And spoke unto those around him,
"There is more than this to life.
There is more than this day and night,
More than this wealth and might,
More than this poverty and hardship,
And I will find it.
I will seek wisdom wherever it might be,
Even in the deepest and darkest places,
Even if it comes hard to me,
Even if it kills me in the end,
I will not count this quest as wasted,
For a great Wyrd calls me out of my life,
And I must give up everything that I have
To gain everything I ever wanted."
And saying this, he put on a ragged cloak
And walked away into the wilderness,
And all the entreaties of his loved ones
Were nothing to the wind in his ears
And the pull on his spirit.
For sometimes it is like this in life,
That the Spirit calls, and it will not be denied
Even when what it asks is so hard
That you fear it will be the death of you.
Oh we are on the road
And the road is winding far away
(Blow out the single candle and leave.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]