Pagan Book of Hours

The Breviary of the Asphodel Tradition

Pagan Liturgy
Calendar FAQ:
Answering questions about our ritual cycle.
Liturgy FAQ:
Answering questions about our rituals.
The Twelve Principles of Clarity:
A framework to guide us.
Prayer Beads:
A tool for meditation and devotional prayer.
Ancestor Fast:
Eating with the cycle of the year.
We hail thee, O gods,
Each in the way decreed
By the vast spans of time
And the vaster spans of the human spirit
That reflects your eternal light
As the moon reflects the sun,
As the waters drink our visage,
As the mirror shows us our souls.
May your blessings be upon us
All the days of our lives,
And may we live those lives in contemplation
Of the glory of your being.

  Pagan Monasticism
Order of the Horae FAQ:
Answering questions about monasticism.
The Rule of the Order of the Horae:
The Twelve Principles explained for monastics.
The Hours:
Explaining the Daily hours.
Horae Email Group:
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Pagan Monasticism Survey:
For the book "Barefoot on the Mother".

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This online Book Of Hours contains two rituals per day for a full calendar year, based on the lore of many different ancient cultures, as part of the Asphodel tradition. This site can be used by any Pagan who needs a quick ritual for a given day or deity. For more information about the material on this site, please check our Calendar Information and Book Of Hours FAQ. The afternoon rituals are based on a solar calendar of 12 months, given under Anglo-Saxon month names. The evening rituals are based on a lunar calendar of 13 months, given under Celtic month names. Greek month names are associated with each of these, but the way of figuring the months is not Greek. (Or Celtic. See the FAQ.) Days without a specific holiday have been assigned repeating seasonal or monthly rituals. These rituals were written by our group, and are not public domain.


Solar months

Wolfmonath (Jan)
Solmonath (Feb)
Hrethemonath (Mar)
Eostremonath (Apr)
Thrimilchimonath (May)
Lithemonath (Jun)
Haymonath (Jul)
Weodmonath (Aug)
Halegmonath (Sep)
Winterfyllith (Oct)
Blutmonath (Nov)
Yulmonath (Dec)

Lunar months

Beth (Birch) / Poseideon II
Luis (Rowan) / Gamelion
Nion (Ash) / Anthesterion
Fearn (Alder) / Elaphebolion
Saille (Willow) / Mounukhion
Huath (Hawthorn) / Thargelion
Duir (Oak) / Skirophorion
Tinne (Holly) / Hekatombaion
Coll (Hazel) / Metageitnon
Muin (Vine) / Boedromion
Gort (Ivy) / Puanepsion
Ngetal (Reed) / Maimakterion
Ruis (Elder) / Poseideon

Rituals by Type

Deity Days
Green Man Tree Days
Astrological Days
Traditional Holidays
Solar Seasonal Rituals
Lunar Monthly Rituals
Other Days
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We grant permission to any person to print these rituals for personal use or free use within a religious group and to copy to freely accessible online locations, provided there is no charge for their use and they are properly attributed to:

Pagan Book of Hours
Order of the Horae
First Kingdom Church of Asphodel

We would, of course, love to be notified if you are using our words in such a way. You may not post them and claim that they are yours, or assume that because they are on the internet they are public domain. You may not publish them in any book, magazine or other print medium for which money will be taken without our permission.