Order of the Horae Pagan Prayer Beads

Wooden Prayer Beads painted wooden prayer beads

These Pagan prayer beads are created one at a time, specially for each individual, with thought and intent. Each comes in three styles: large hand-painted wood, medium glass/stone/bone (8-10mm), and large glass/stone/bone (10-12mm). What stone or glass bead is used for what depends partly on availability of certain beads in different sizes, but largely on symbolism of color and stone. We paint the wooden beads ourselves, and shellac them. We don't use plastic beads, as natural materials hold a better energy charge. The strings for these beads are all handspun on a Viking-style soapstone spindle of wool, mohair, silk, flax, or some combination of these. We can string on fishing line or "tiger tail" wire for added durability, if specifically requested. We will gladly do special requests of styles or materials.

Styles and Prices:
Monk (painted wood): $45.00
Lady Knight (6-8mm stone/glass beads): $75.00
Royal Rosary (10mm stone/glass beads): $75.00
Prices include shipping and handling within the US.

For special requests or International orders, you must contact us before ordering!
Raven Kaldera
Cauldron Farm
12 Simond Hill Road
Hubbardston, MA 10452


Ordering Methods

1) Postal Mail

Write down for us: Include a check or money order for the correct amount, and send to the address above.

2) PayPal

You may place an order directly through this website, using PayPal, but there is an additional $2.50 processing charge. For International orders and special requests, you must email us to set up a PayPal transaction.

Monk (painted wood): $45.00 + $2.50 processing fee
Lady Knight (6-8mm stone/glass beads): $75.00 + $2.50 processing fee
Royal Rosary (10mm stone/glass beads): $75.00 + $2.50 processing fee

For more information on these prayer beads, or to ask a question about a custom set of prayer beads, please contact Raven at cauldronfarm@hotmail.com or by telephone at 978-928-4198.

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